The blueberry is a forest fruit of the Ericaceae family. Blueberries have been valued since ancient times for their countless nutritional properties. They are a powerful antioxidant, vasodilator and anti-inflammatory, plus a perennially delicious ingredient in the kitchen.


Blueberry is used in cosmetics particularly to treat the most sensitive and delicate skin. In fact, blueberry has a soothing effect both on red skin and on skin with impurities such as enlarged pores, marks and acne. It has many antioxidant properties that counteract skin ageing and improve the synthesis of collagen fibres. It is mainly used to soothe red, fragile and sensitive skin, protecting its balance and strengthening its natural defences.



Blueberry's active ingredients play a valuable role in slowing down skin ageing. Cosmetic products like scrubs, masks and face creams provide a toning, softening effect and make the skin more elastic.